Well folks, the collapse comeback has begun as GC picked up 2 games on me last week. HOWEVAH I still had a hell of a weekend. Let’s review:
1) Saturday night’s pretty impressive comeback by the Clemson Tigers, coming back from 18 points down twice in the second half to beat Maryland 56-45.
2) Sunday afternoon, the Eagles beat the Redskins 20-13 in a pretty uneventful game, marked by LeSean McCoy living out my dream and punching Andy Reid.
/Prepares for epic fail weekend
There were other highlights that aren’t worth mentioning here, but just know that GC could tie things up in the CFB picks with a Louisville win tonight (leading 16-7 as of this posting). Enjoy the games this weekend, and let’s hope the Rams can get that first victory behind the great A.J. Feeley.