Coming off a disappointing Saturday and an enjoyable Sunday, the Careyd Away Weekend Picks keep rolling. Both Le Chez and GC are starting off 1-0 after correctly taking Tulsa over UCF last night. This weekend will offer plenty of intrigue (how many math errors have I made this week for example) but will also offer me little enjoyment on a personal level, with Clemson having a bye week and the Eagles hosting the Bears Monday night.
However, there’s a fairly important game Saturday night you may have heard about, so I’ll get my jollies watching LSU-Bama.
Let’s not forget to all root for Arkansas to beat South Carolina so that Mindy C’s Dawgs control their fate in the SEC East. Enjoy Saturday night, and here’s hoping I A) don’t jinx the Eagles by picking them and B) continue my dominance over the so called experts.