Careyd Away Weekend Picks

It’s another edition of the Careyd Away weekend picks. Everyone’s favorite girlfriend Cayla G had a bit of a rough week, and I continued to extend my leads on Greggy C. However, I urge GC not to get too down on himself, as I am also shit-kicking every, single ESPN “expert” on the season. (2 games in the W column count as shit-kickings. Not all shit-kickings are created equally). I’m not saying I’m smarter than any of those “experts” but my record thus far sure as hell is.
/Prepares for 6-10 week in NFL.

In an effort to make GC feel good about himself, here are out bonus MLB playoff picks:
GC: Rangers, Tigers, Phillies, Brewers; Rangers over Phillies in 6 for the World Series
Le Chez: Rays, Tigers, Phillies, Diamondbacks; Phillies over Tigers in 7 for the World Series.
/Jinxes GC & Tripp
For the record I really wanted to pick the Braves over the Red Sox but uhh…yeah…never got that far. The picks, presented below, for recreational purposes only.

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be spending my Saturday in a balmy 38-degree Blacksburg, VA hoping the Hokies don’t score 3 defensive/special teams touchdowns. Hopefully I’m back in time to watch Megatron destroy the Cowboys and prove his worth to Jacob Mike Vick try to successfully start and finish a game Sunday afternoon.


Weekend Picks

Well folks, it’s getting ugly here at Careyd Away. Greg has continued his questionable NFL performance dating back to last season. Additionally, he has had back to back LOSING weeks in College Football (not that I’ve done much better). On an unrelated note, everyone’s favorite football following girlfriend,Cayla G, went 11-4 in her unofficial college picks last week. For a change, and to give GC a fair shot, I entered my picks before him this week, although I’m sure my domination will continue, especially with Greg taking the Vikings. (What’s the record for most commas in one sentence?) Feel free to play along at home and contact Greg or myself on Twitter.

Does Verlander deserve MVP?

I wasn’t even going to bring it up. I know how hard it is for a pitcher to get serious consideration for an award that most generally feel belongs to an everyday player, and for the most part I can see why.

But how can Justin Verlander not get serious consideration for this year’s American League Most Valuable Player? He’s going to lead the AL in wins and strikeouts for sure. He’s also going to finish tops in WHIP and .BAA. He’s got a good chance to lead the league in ERA and innings pitched, as well. He’s 23-5 overall, and 20-2 since May.

Think about that. Verlander has started 26 games since April 27. He’s lost TWO of them. The Tigers are 22-4 in those games. He’s won 11 consecutive starts. Not 11 consecutive decisions. The last 11 games Verlander has started, he’s gotten the win. Not sold yet? Try 14-1 against the AL Central. OK, I know that division is crap, but aren’t those the most important games to his team? He’s also got that no hitter going for him. The Cy Young race is over. Verlander could not pitching another inning this season, and he’d have that locked up.

So back to the MVP race. The question becomes — if not Verlander, who?

Curtis Granderson’s got a very good chance. He’s got a chance to lead the league in homers and RBIs, and he’ll lead the AL in runs by a mile. The .931 OPS isn’t to be taken lightly. But Granderson also plays in a hitter’s park (that’s an understatement), is batting just .266 and has 159 strikeouts. Is someone who hits under .270 really worthy of the MVP?

Adrian Gonzalez is right there, too. He’s hitting an astounding .340 with 109 RBIs and 25 long balls. But the Red Sox recent slide has to hurt Gonzalez and teammate Jacoby Ellsbury’s chances a little bit. Ellsbury’s been nothing short of spectacular in his leadoff role, with 27 homers, 94 RBIs, a .321 average and 36 stolen bases.

The only other legitimate candidate is probably Verlander’s teammate, Miguel Cabrera. But Cabrera’s yet to crack 100 RBI, and wasn’t seen as a serious choice for the award until about two weeks ago.

The top five finishers should likely be the aforementioned names in some form, maybe excluding one for a Jose Bautista or Michael Young. So I ask you — Why not Verlander?

Football Week 2 Picks

Well, 1 week of college football and 1 game of the NFL are complete, and personally I’m foaming at the mouth for a full Sunday of NFL games. Last night’s game was marked by incompetency–on defense and on the Saints’ sideline in particular–in my (and everyone’s besides Jacob here) humble opinion. That being said it was about the most exciting football game I’ve seen since last week I guess.
Quite frankly, I think Greg needs a little more dog in him, or a little less cat, despite his 1 game lead so far.
We’re at it again this week, 15 college games and 14 NFL games since we missed last night. (Can’t speak for Greg but I had GB winning a close one…as in closer than 8…as in screw you Sean Payton). There’s a good bit of disparity among our NFL picks, meaning I can look forward to a 5-9 start to the season!
As always, these picks are for recreational/bragging rights only.

College Football Weekend Picks

In the interest of having an easy post competing with Jacky C’s win percentage on the 2011 College Football Season, Greg and I will be making 15 college football picks and every NFL pick this season. We took what we considered to be 13 of the closest games of the weekend, plus the WV and Clemson games. Feel free to post yours below if you’d like to compete against the almighty powerful and knowledgeable Carey boys. These picks are straight up and are for recreational purposes only.

Thursday Morning Pick 6

Michael Beasley continued his off-season Super Cool Beas-like behavior by reportedly breaking his wrist in China. Apparently he and Paul Pierce also had asthma attacks while visiting, probably because 75% OF CHINESE MEN SMOKE CIGARETTES. And they can’t be bothered to stop smoking during a basketball game. Maybe the US has a chance to prosper in the future up against China after all. We just should probably make sure to leave Super Cool Beas out of the battle, unless we can get him to Mush all of the Chinese soldiers who smoke.

Mother of the year? Arizona is messed up.

Father of the year? Florida is also messed up.

In addition to shutting down his twitter over his…umm…insensitive comments toward females, Gilbert Arenas can also possibly have played some role in making Javaris Crittendon “more hard”. Probably should have gone a little less on the hardness there Javaris.

Like the rest of the world, Rob Deer thinks Adam Dunn sucks.

College football starts tonight YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYA! That being said, tonight’s slight of games BLOWS. Aside from the Syracuse-Wake barn-burner (on ESPN3). Go Cuse! Beat the picnic-basket-weaving winos!

Enjoy the return of real, live (college) football and NFL pre-season (and Jersey Shore) everyone, until you get bored by Louisville-Murray State highlights.